Anabolic cooking calculator

Every week I make at least one new recipe i find on a blog, usually through Pinterest… But i rarely fall in love with something so much I have to comment BUT HERE I AM! This was the most delicious chicken dish I’ve had in quite some time! When I pinned it I was like hm could be good, then as I was preparing it I was like I think this might be an amazing dinner… I was right. The citrus blended with the sweet (I used honey ) was to die for… I used fresh rosemary and of course plenty of garlic so this dish was a 10. I highly recommend it.

I made this recipe over the weekend & have been eating it for lunch/dinner every day. It’s delicious! I love how versatile the recipe is too. I added in additional veggies and all the tastes mixed together are perfect. I also love how you can customize the recipe to meet your needs. I used almond milk and less cheese to make it even healthier, and it tastes perfect! People could even skip the cayenne pepper (if they don’t want it spicy), and this would be like a pasta primavera meets macaroni & cheese. Thanks for a great recipe. I’ll be using this one for years to come.

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Anabolic cooking calculator

anabolic cooking calculator


anabolic cooking calculatoranabolic cooking calculatoranabolic cooking calculatoranabolic cooking calculatoranabolic cooking calculator