Anabolic frolic discography

Try wind sprints instead of jogging miles and miles…run 40 yards, walk back, run 40 yards, walk back…
I read an article years ago(in Men’s Health no less), it analyzed the cells of a 35 yr old ironman competitor and a doughy 55 yr old who rarely exercised.
Under the microscope, the men were the same age on a cellular level.
From what Ive read, you should really get these extreme endurance competitions out of your system by your early 30s; after that age, you really doing more harm than good (this applies to both men and women).

Same here. At a rested state now I am about 15% body fat. When I am on program that drops to about 12%. That puts me in a very high bracket for non professional athletes in my age group and a fairly high bracket for men in general. I could get some chems and push myself down under 10% body fat while bringing my lifts up by about 20% but why right? I think same person also suggested I give test a shot. I am still considering that. It isn’t as crazy as an anabolic steroid and it might be fun to up the ante a bit, but I need to do a shit ton of research and if I did it I would find a legit doctor and not an on line source. As a side note, if I do decide to do it I will be open about it on these boards and let everyone know how it is effecting me.

Anabolic frolic discography

anabolic frolic discography


anabolic frolic discographyanabolic frolic discographyanabolic frolic discographyanabolic frolic discographyanabolic frolic discography