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A drawer is a view container that is located off the left or right side of the app view, and can revealed either by swiping across the screen or using the Supersonic API. The most common use case for a drawer is a side-menu: it is hidden by default and can be pulled into view when it is required, for . navigating to another view. The drawer view can display HTML content just like any regular view. The Supersonic drawer responds to touch gestures just like a native drawer, so the opening gesture can be reversed or canceled at any point.

In the app I'm currently working on, I have disableOverscroll in set to true , so that the app looks like an app and not a website, and I'm using -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch on inner divs to allow scrolling within pages. html, body {height: 100%;} on every page. This means that when the keyboard comes up, and Safari scrolls the page so that the input remains visible, my pages are not set up to react well to this – they are styled with the assumption that the page will always stay completely still and filling the screen. This is one problem.

Appgyver steroids tutorial

appgyver steroids tutorial


appgyver steroids tutorialappgyver steroids tutorialappgyver steroids tutorialappgyver steroids tutorialappgyver steroids tutorial