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Starting with the introduction of our new Volvo product range in 2011 the copy protection that we now use for our DVDs is LockLizard DRM. Rather than encrypting the CD or DVD as we have in the past, the copy protection now takes place by using LockLizard Safeguard viewer as well as a unique license that is issued upon registration. Upon registration each user is sent an email that includes installation instructions, links to the Windows and Mac OS Viewers as well as a link to your own unique license. Each purchase includes a single user license for the product purchased.

Australian market vehicles appeared here in late 1978 and so it is not surprising that this catalogue does not specifically identify parts relating to the Australian market vehicles. However, sections of the catalogue that relate to the engine for Sweden appear to be similar to the engine parts used on the Australian market vehicles. These include: Zenith/Stromberg 175 CD carburetters, the evaporative emission system, air cleaners, air temperature control system, exhaust manifolds, and the system of air injection into the cylinder heads including the air pump.

Our hotels in all three capital cities are clean and comfortable, Western-style and modern 4-star properties. Elsewhere, our accommodation is surprisingly comfortable and atmospheric (click on 'Map & Hotels' tab for more information). All accommodation has en suite bath, with the exception of Meroe camp where you will have your own bath/toilet in an adjacent building.

Due to the nature of accommodation in some locations in Sudan, we limit the number of single supplements to 2 (additional single may be accepted on a request basis). If you'd like to pay a pro-rated single supplement that guarantees single accommodation in Khartoum, Djibouti & Ethiopia, but sharing for the remaining 6 nights in Sudan, please contact us.

Are sd1 supplements steroids

are sd1 supplements steroids


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