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I was a lil skeptical to try a new company but most of the Genenza was out of stock.
I used the Deca at 1 ml for 10 weeks with no problems
I also ran the Sus and EQ for 16 weeks. The EQ was dosed at 500 per ml and I took one a week. The Sus was 300 per ml and I did about 1 1/2 ml a week. I started with Tbol for the first month until the long esters kicked in. Then I took off 8 weeks and finished with the Winstrol for the last 6 weeks. I ran the Proviron all the way thru.
Overall strength went up and my sides were minimal. I had barely any PIP. I gained about 15 pounds not all muscle because I didn’t stick to my diet as much as I should have. I bought the ancillaries from another company so I won’t mention it in this review but I followed the proper protocol while on and for PCT. My overall experience was good and this new company surprised me.

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China steroid supplier

china steroid supplier


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