Corticosteroid cream pregnancy

Weaker topical steroids are utilized for thin- skinned and sensitive areas, especially areas under occlusion, such as the armpit, groin, buttock crease, breast folds. Weaker steroids are used on the face, eyelids, diaper area, perianal skin, and intertrigo of the groin or body folds. Moderate steroids are used for atopic dermatitis , nummular eczema , xerotic eczema , lichen sclerosis et atrophicus of the vulva , scabies (after scabiecide) and severe dermatitis . Strong steroids are used for psoriasis , lichen planus , discoid lupus , chapped feet, lichen simplex chronicus , severe poison ivy exposure, alopecia areata , nummular eczema, and severe atopic dermatitis in adults. [1]

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If too much corticosteroid cream becomes absorbed through the skin, serious complications can result, including adrenal gland suppression and Cushing's syndrome. In adrenal gland suppression, the body stops manufacturing its own steroids, so the patient may become dependent on the drug. Cushing's syndrome causes symptoms including diabetes, high blood pressure, and muscle weakness. Local side effects are also possible due to misuse of corticosteroid cream. These can include skin atrophy, stretch marks , susceptibility to infection, allergy , easily bruised or injured skin, and enlarged blood vessels.

Corticosteroid cream pregnancy

corticosteroid cream pregnancy


corticosteroid cream pregnancycorticosteroid cream pregnancycorticosteroid cream pregnancycorticosteroid cream pregnancycorticosteroid cream pregnancy