Corticosteroid shot for allergies

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I got my cortisone shot on a Monday, and my bump wasn’t completely gone until Saturday, and it still left some redness. If you don’t see the 48- hour results like you expected, don’t be discouraged! Your derm may have injected a smaller amount of cortisone to avoid the pitted scar from happening, which is actually a good thing. So if you’re like me and were expecting to wake up pimple-free and didn’t, just give it a few more days and I assure you it will work its magic. Don’t pick or try to pop it, because in a matter of a few more days you will be amazed at how much it decreases in size everyday, it is just a slower process for some people. (Still better than a huge pimple that takes months to heal and scars over!)

Corticosteroid shot for allergies

corticosteroid shot for allergies


corticosteroid shot for allergiescorticosteroid shot for allergiescorticosteroid shot for allergiescorticosteroid shot for allergiescorticosteroid shot for allergies