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“ Already, the disruptive impact of AR and VR is being felt across consumer technologies as dozens of new products enter the market. More broadly, AR and VR are introducing new opportunities to transform the enterprise, particularly in the areas of communication and collaboration, training and simulation, and field and customer service, as well as in the reinvention of employee and customer experiences. Device costs continue to decline, standards are being defined, and app ecosystems are beginning to emerge. The combination of these influences—along with a spate of high-profile acquisitions that are shining klieg lights on AR and VR possibilities—may represent a tipping point for AR and VR’s business and technical implications—and, more importantly, for how we rethink the role of the individual in the workplace...

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The web-based UI is based on React, backed by a lightweight REST API written in Flask. The web-based UI is essentially a “spreadsheet on steroids,” in the sense that smart pagination allows it to be scaled up to an arbitrary number of records. The main task, fulfilled by the web-based UI, is that of browsing through clusters and records. For example, to spot a web-defacement campaign coordinated by the same (small) group of cyber-criminals, we would query DefPloreX to display clusters with at most ten attackers and inspect the timeline of each cluster to spot periodical patterns or spikes in activity, revealing coordinated attacks.

Cyber labs steroids review

cyber labs steroids review


cyber labs steroids reviewcyber labs steroids reviewcyber labs steroids reviewcyber labs steroids reviewcyber labs steroids review