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Quick question for you. I found a Crowne Plaza for $100/nt, and the option to “Add 5k points for $15″ to my stay. Because this is a refundable room, if I made the purchase with the “Points Bonus” but then cancelled the room, would I still get the 5k points (and simply receive $15 less on my refund)? I know United works that way when purchasing “Award/PQM Accelerator Miles” but wasn’t sure if IHG worked the same way. Could be a quick way to score 5k points for $15, if so. Love the blog — thanks for all your great information!!

The relevant part:
Now here is a good lesson in bootstrapping. I did all of this before I had a product. When I asked if they would buy it, they said no. Better to find that out early on! I then asked companies why they said no, wrote their answers down, and moved on to the next phone call. This was an iterative process that took about 400 phone calls to complete, but when I was done I was able to hone in on an initial product. In just one month, which is how long it took me to make those 400 phone calls, I knew exactly what customers would buy. That is when I went and built the initial product which took just 45 days because I did not have to build a huge application, just the pieces that I knew customers wanted.
FYI- I wrote a customer development post about using AdWords to determine Market type:

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