Exogenous testosterone steroids

Our specific aim was to describe thrombosis (osteonecrosis of the hips, pulmonary embolism, and amaurosis fugax) after exogenous testosterone was given to men with no antecedent thrombosis and previously undiagnosed familial thrombophilia. After starting testosterone patch or gel, 50 mg/day or intramuscular testosterone 400 mg IM/month, 2 men developed bilateral hip osteonecrosis 5 and 6 months later, and 3 developed pulmonary embolism 3, 7, and 17 months later. One man developed amaurosis fugax 18 months after starting testosterone gel 50 mg/day. Of these 6 men, 5 were found to have previously undiagnosed factor V Leiden heterozygosity, 1 of whom had ancillary MTHFR C677T homozygosity, and 2 with ancillary MTHFR C677T-A1298C compound heterozygosity. One man had high factor VIII (195%), factor XI (179%), and homocysteine ( umol/L). Thrombotic events after starting testosterone therapy are associated with familial thrombophilia. We speculate that when exogenous testosterone is aromatized to E2, and E2-induced thrombophilia is superimposed on familial thrombophilia, thrombosis occurs. Men sustaining thrombotic events on testosterone therapy should be screened for the factor V Leiden mutation and other familial and acquired thrombophilias.

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Let's be clear, very clear; there are side-effects of testosterone use, but this is largely due to supraphysiological amounts. If you supplement with exogenous testosterone for the purpose of replacement therapy, the odds of incurring problems are almost non-existent; you're simply replacing what you no longer produce. Where adverse reactions become a problem is when doses get too high; of course, fortunately most can tolerate a very high level, and if side-effects do begin to mount, for the healthy adult male they can be combated; in-fact, with responsible use they can be altogether avoided.

Exogenous testosterone steroids

exogenous testosterone steroids


exogenous testosterone steroidsexogenous testosterone steroidsexogenous testosterone steroidsexogenous testosterone steroidsexogenous testosterone steroids