Feeding my pitbull steroids

Jager the red-nose American Pitbull Terrier at 5 years old— "APBTs have received a horrible reputation due to misleading media and a few bad dog owners, which is now why we have bans on this breed. Not only do people want to ban this breed, the Marine Corps have deemed this a dangerous breed and have banned them from all Marine bases. This I have a huge problem with considering I can die for this country serving in the Marines to help protect people but I can't own a family member that can protect my own family while I am deployed. Thanks for the support to the ones that helped put these bans in place."

Ray's mom here. First let me say I would be saying the same thing if this was 6 poodles. There is a video of a young child getting ready to feed 6 hungry pit bulls making the rounds on the internet. Many people have been sharing to to show how safe pitties actually are. I have a totally different take on it. I am frankly disturbed by what I saw. Why would anyone allow a child to feed that many dogs in one place? . Most multiple dog household separate the dogs for feeding, if only by a few feet. Here at the sanctuary, dogs in multiple dog runs are always separated for meal time. Why? Because food is a trigger that can quickly cause aggression. All it would take is for one dog to act out for all of the dogs to become agitated and dangerous.

Feeding my pitbull steroids

feeding my pitbull steroids


feeding my pitbull steroidsfeeding my pitbull steroidsfeeding my pitbull steroidsfeeding my pitbull steroidsfeeding my pitbull steroids