Fluorinated corticosteroids

76008.  (a) (1) The Fluorinated Gases Emission Reduction Incentive Program is hereby established to be administered by the State Air Resources Board to promote the adoption of new refrigerant technologies to achieve short- and long-term climate benefits, energy efficiency, and other cobenefits. (2) Moneys for the program shall be available to the State Air Resources Board, upon appropriation by the Legislature, including, but not limited to, moneys from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund, created pursuant to Section of the Government Code. (b) Eligible applicants shall be users of systems of new refrigerant technologies. (c) When awarding incentives, the State Air Resources Board shall prioritize both of the following: (1) Low-GWP alternatives that maximize emissions reductions and focus on key cooling sectors where technology is commercially available. (2) The use of low-GWP alternatives in new technologies for which higher upfront costs, compared with hydrofluorocarbon systems, have been identified by the State Air Resources Board as a market impediment. (d) The program shall include all of the following: (1) Allow for a retailer to apply for funding for multiple stores or units. (2) Identify opportunities for outreach efforts to demonstrate and provide information about low-GWP alternatives in refrigeration, air, air conditioning, and foams. (3) Require the professional installation and maintenance of alternative refrigeration and air-conditioning machinery in order to maximize energy efficiency and minimize emissions. (4) Identify opportunities to provide incentives for the recovery or resale of existing high-GWP refrigerants. (5) Identify opportunities to offer matching funds to local publicly owned electric and gas utilities that offer their own low-GWP programs. (6) Comply with federal laws regarding the disposal and capture of fluorinated gases.

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Fluorinated corticosteroids

fluorinated corticosteroids


fluorinated corticosteroidsfluorinated corticosteroidsfluorinated corticosteroidsfluorinated corticosteroidsfluorinated corticosteroids