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Steroids are amazing until someone does in the ring. I understand that this is boxing. The goal is to hit the other guy until he can't fight anymore, or you've clearly established you're better at hitting him than he is at hitting you. But a kid has already died in the ring this year. A 17 year old at that. We have athletes killing themselves and or their families. The risk is not just to the user, but to those around him. That's why this is an issue. Especially in boxing. Head trauma and steroids do not mix well. Look at what Chris Benoit did.

I could feel a cold sore forming on my upper lip one evening. I woke up a couple times in the night to feel my lip hot and throbbing. In the morning, I had a huge red bump. I dabbed some wild oregano oil on it, then reapplied it 3 minutes later. Within an hour, both the redness and swelling had greatly dissipated. I reapplied the oregano oil and by that night, there was no bump, just a little peeling skin, and very little redness. By the next day, it was healed. Next time I feel a cold sore coming on, I will put the wild oregano oil on it immediately.

No heart-related essay on athletes would be complete without mentioning performance-enhancing drugs. No longer are these agents confined to professional athletes. Numerous reports in the media have documented the use of anabolic steroids, erythropoietic stimulants (EPO), insulin, human growth hormone and pseudo-ephedrine in amateur athletes. Few scientific studies have been done, as finding athletes who admit to taking illegal substances is challenging, but it is well known that all of these drugs have potentially negative effects on the heart. I’m not pointing fingers here; the authors of the Circulation review, along with most reviews on the athletic heart mention performance-enhancing drugs.

Jmm steroids

jmm steroids


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