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Reminds me of a Symmetra/Junkrat fic where Symmetra’s reactions are, in eventual order: 1. (From a distance ) who’s the new wiry guy? 2. (First face to face meeting) Holy shit, Holy shit this guy is a giant. 3. (After some more interactions and an accidental shower walk in scene) He’s actually pretty toned. 4. (Little later) Damnit I think he’s weird but he’s sexy as hell.
Which I honestly think is everyone’s reaction to him onve they find out his in-game height and actually look at his character model closely. If he cared at all Junkrat could probably actually turn himself into the single largest helping of eye candy aside from Hanzo, McCree and young Gengi.

Here’s a minor curve, but if you are a wrestling geek like me (and so many others), you might recognize that last name. Her father is Ed Leslie. He loved using scissors in the ring, but he also came to the ring under the moniker of Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, among zillions other ring names/gimmicks. So, naturally as Alana was trying to train and break into the business her father loved, she adopted the moniker of…Baby Beefcake. I might have gone with Bombshell Beefcake, as I think it’s far more accurate, but even if she never puts it all together for a successful in-ring career, she’s always going to be an incredibly gorgeous woman. If she was coming up in the ’80s or ’90s, she’d probably have a much better chance of success, back when hotness overcame any athletic deficiencies.

Mr beefcake steroids legit

mr beefcake steroids legit


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