Needsize steroidology


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As described earlier, most of the PSA protein released into the blood becomes attached to other blood proteins. The PSA that does not become attached is known as free PSA and can be measured. It has been observed in small published studies that the level of free PSA is decreased in men who have prostate cancer compared to those with benign conditions. The exact level depends upon which test the laboratory uses, but generally, a test result of less than 10% free PSA is suggestive of cancer. This test is most helpful when the usual PSA test level is between ng/mL and ng/mL. Nevertheless, free PSA testing has predominantly been used as an adjunct (additional) test along with total PSA, particularly in men who have already undergone a negative prostate biopsy and have a PSA that remains elevated. The ratio of the free/total PSA, as will be discussed in the next section, has helped avoid a second biopsy in many cases.

With two weeks of fairly moderate steroid usage, and one week thus far of light usage which has avoided losses but caused no further gains, Jim has achieved size and strength improvements he is very pleased with. It will take several such cycles, however, for him to meet his ultimate goals. (No one can really expect that just two weeks of use, alone, will effect a complete transformation.) Jim’s results from two weeks of moderate use are probably more than he could have obtained in four years without any drug use, that estimate being made based on his previous experiences.

Needsize steroidology

needsize steroidology