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Protect yourself! This is a REAL concern. Rather than relying on advertisements from companies who are trying to sell you their product, as a consumer, you have the responsibility to educate yourself. In the world of anti-doping, strict liability applies and athletes are responsible for what is in their systems at the time of a drug test. Anabolic steroids and stimulants are prohibited classes of substances in sport. It is up to the athlete or consumer to research reliable sources of information that can point out the many substances that are known to be included in supplements and that may, in fact, damage one’s health or an athletic career.

No differences existed between the two groups for any body composition measure at baseline. The repeated measures ANOVA revealed a significant group x time interaction for lean body mass (p = ) favoring the high protein group. Specifically, lean body mass increased from ± to ± and from ± to ± 2 in the high and low protein groups, respectively. There were no differences between the groups for BW (HP: Pre = ± , Post = ± , LP: Pre = ± , Post = ± , p = ); FM (HP: Pre = ± , Post = ± , LP: Pre = ± , Post = ± , p = ), or BF% (HP: Pre = ± %, Post = ± %, LP: Pre = ± %, Post = ± %, p = ).

Rda ufc steroids

rda ufc steroids


rda ufc steroidsrda ufc steroidsrda ufc steroidsrda ufc steroidsrda ufc steroids