Safest tablet form steroids

D-fiant, exactly my questions.
The abstracts reads “Participants & Intervention: 66 healthy adults with (25(OH)D) < 33 ng/ml were randomly assigned to take one of three D3 supplements, ., a chewable tablet (TAB), an oil-based drop (DROP) or an encapsulated powder (CAP), at a label-claimed dose of 10,000 IU/day. Actual D3 content was assessed by a third-party, and the results adjusted based on the actual D3 content administered."
"Label-claimed" for me would mean that participants in the CAP and the TAB arm took
20 000 IU Vit D. The abstract does not state how the results were "adjusted".

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Safest tablet form steroids

safest tablet form steroids


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