Sciroxx biomedical technologies steroids

Aromadex (Aromasin) by Sciroxx is an anti-estrogenic drug which contains 25 mg/tab of the substance Exemestane , and it is merchandised in a pouch with 25 tabs.

Usually named Aromasin , Aromadex is one of the most potent Aromatase Inhibitor, which has the ability to block the enzyme which produce aromatase. For the first time it was produced for treating the breast cancer, that is a women concern even in our days. Many people belive that the estrogen deposits helps the growth of cancer cells.

Although not as powerful as Letrozole, Aromadex is much stronger than Anastozole. Many studies and researches that have been done with this drug, showed that it has the ability to reduce the estrogen buildup by about 85 %. This is a great effect for bodybuilders and athletes who are taking aromatazing steroids like Testosterone. Most users of Exedrol will choose using it the same time they started the cycle.

As well it is significant to mention that Aromadex is very good in increasing the Testosterone level and the Insulin-like Grow Factor (IGF). Due to this great action, Exedrol is a good choice for using before PCT, as everyone is trying to reestablish the natural levels of Testosterone.

Keeping the dose of Aromadex is very important, because a suppression of large amounts of estrogen can lead to a loss of sex drive, and prevent any muscles gains.

25 Mg per day is enough for maintaining the estrogen related side effects away, and increase the natural Testosterone levels.

Sciroxx biomedical technologies steroids

sciroxx biomedical technologies steroids