Steroids called naps

the results were amazing, i felt great, sex drive was amazing, appetite was amazing, energy never diminished. my emotional well being was fantastic too. overall it was the best PCT i had ever done. i feel because of the fantastic appetite and emotional well being it contributed to keeping the gains i did, i kept approximately 90+% of the gains i made. this PCT was ran on a cycle that consisted of test e 600mg week deca 400mg week, dbol 50mg split ed and a anavar taper. i also did a short ester kicker on this cycle of test p and npp for 2 weeks

I was hoping to see a post from you this morning and I’m anxious to know how you are feeling. BNOP was the first blog I ever started reading several years ago so I feel like I know you. I am so sorry you had to go through being so sick while traveling. I know you love travel and love your independence but I really think it would be much better if you could develop a travel companion. Being as sick as you were, it’s hard to made decisions for yourself & a companion could help. I really think you should have been transported to a hospital instead of the ship bringing a doctor in. Worried about you and hoping you are doing better and if you aren’t home that you will be soon.

I’ve seen them leave that same comment on other blogs, too…so they’ve been scraping our content, even from blogs like mine where the content was truncated, posting it in full on their website and telling Google they were the original source/author.
The result is, if you Google the words “Between Naps on the Porch and Bloglovin” and look at the “Images” tab in google, you’ll find a lot of my photos that when clicked take you to Bloglovin and NOT to my blog, the original source. So Google thinks Bloglovin was the source of those images.

Steroids called naps

steroids called naps