Steroids in closed head injury

Even though I haven’t dealt with this myself, I still found it very interesting, and this was such a help to others who have experienced it! And we never know what we might experience with our dogs in the future, so it’s always good to be educated on these different things, so we don’t panic if it does happen to our dogs. Especially since it’s so difficult to figure out when we should panic, and when we should just wait things out. Can’t say how much money I’ve spent at the vet’s for basically what just ended up being for my own peace of mind! 🙂

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  • Erb’s Palsy
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Steroids in closed head injury

steroids in closed head injury


steroids in closed head injurysteroids in closed head injurysteroids in closed head injurysteroids in closed head injurysteroids in closed head injury