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*I’m going to skip discussion of the astrological argument for dating the Parliament . But if you want a more specific date, the narrower range is 1381-1383.
**The image above is taken from just such a feast calendar, Bodleian Library MS. Rawl D. 939. Incidentally, that’s probably not a valentine in his hand. As a martyr beheaded for refusing to renounce Christianity, Valentine is usually shown holding a Bible.
****The Alain joke is a little more obscure. In Alain’s famous portrait of Nature, she is wearing a garment on which is embroidered images of all the birds, from the eagle on down to the bat. The dreamer is thus misremembering his Alain of Lille because his birds are actual birds up in a tree, not pictures of birds upon a magical robe.
****I have always had my suspicions that “moral” Gower was chemically enhanced.
*****Hills, that is. Swimmin’ pools. Movie stars.

Taking steroids prank

taking steroids prank


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