Zpack and steroid shot

I got into oils about a year ago after being told about them from a co-worker. She was a strong believer of one company. I started doing research and found another company that was a lot less in cost than the one she loved. After smelling and using some of mine she ordered them herself. She still swears by a few of the original blends but she has started venturing out and trying other oil companies herself. I have found several companies I like and trust and order from them all. I started using them to combat thyroid and hormonal issues. I can say that I am prescription meds free and all my numbers are excellent thanks to EO’s. I have no side effects like I did with the meds and feel like my old self used too!! I happened upon your facebook/blogs by doing research to help my parents with some ailments and my mom loves using the oils. Thank you for your “common sense” approach and for sharing your knowledge in this field.

Zpack and steroid shot

z pack and steroid shot


z pack and steroid shotz pack and steroid shotz pack and steroid shot